We are the University Fellowships Office at Penn State. We support all qualified students applying for competitive national and international fellowships. Our office advocates for the academic, intellectual and personal interests of students by providing information about relevant fellowships. We also offer consultations during the application process to help individual students become competitive applicants.

National and international fellowships are highly competitive, and, Penn State students have been successful in receiving a tremendous range of fellowships at all levels. Penn State students report consistently that finding and applying for a fellowship with the support of the University Fellowships Office has helped sharpen their post-graduate goals, as well as helped them to identify and accomplish the steps necessary to achieve these goals.

The University Fellowships Office serves Penn State in the following ways:

  • Informs undergraduates, faculty and staff about major fellowship opportunities
  • Helps students find fellowship opportunities which match their goals and accomplishments
  • Advises students through logistics of the fellowship application process
  • Provides writing assistance on most fellowship application materials
  • Prepares students for national fellowship interviews
  • Coordinates the campus evaluation and selection process for fellowship awards when required
  • Prepares official, university endorsement packages for selected fellowship nominees

In addition to serving current undergraduates, the Office also assists recent undergraduate alumni pursuing national awards requiring university endorsement. If you are an alumna/us interested in a national scholarship or fellowship opportunity, please contact our office for more information.