OcZach Jones speaking in front of audience in Pula.tober, 2013

Zach Jones started his Fulbright scholarship in Croatia, where he will spend 2013/2014 academic year, focusing his research on  mapping the expansion of the city of Pula, a town on the Croatian coast, from its ancient Roman origin to reveal the impact of cultural diversity on architecture, urban development, and maps of the city. The research will be conducted on site in Pula, using the historical maps and documents available there as well as resources located in Zagreb.

Please, check out Zach’s blog where he already posted his impressions after his 1st week spent in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb: http://cantstopwontstoplife.wordpress.com/.
Zach explained the importance of doing his research in Croatia: “Mapping a historic city could be done in many different cities, but never to the extent in which it can be done in Croatia, and specifically in the city of Pula. Croatia is unique because of its role as boundary between some of the most powerful empires in the history of the world.”