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The University Fellowships Office at Penn State advocates for the academic, intellectual, and personal interests of students by promoting relevant fellowships.

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A fellowship is an award given by an organization or institution to fund education-related expenses, such as tuition, research, or travel.

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Adam Uliana, Chemical Engineering

Attending a university as large and research-oriented as Penn State provides endless opportunities to collaborate across campus and across any continent.

Adam Uliana '17
2016-2017 Cargill Scholarship, 2016-2017 Udall Scholarship

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Rosalie Sowers

Rosalie Sowers ’19
2017-2018 Goldwater Scholarship, 2018-2019 University Nominee for Rhodes and Churchill Scholarships
Majors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Science

Claire Kelling

Claire Kelling ’21
2016-2017 Rhodes Scholarship (Regional Finalist)
Dual-title Ph.D. in Statistics and Social Data Analytics

Molly Ariotti

Molly Ariotti ’18
2016-2017 Boren Fellowship to Senegal
Ph.D. in Political Science

Scout Cheeks

Scout Cheeks ’18
2016-2017 Boren Scholarship to Brazil
Majors in International Politics, Criminology

Adam Uliana

Adam Uliana ’17
2016-2017 Cargill Scholarship, 2016-2017 Udall Scholarship
Major in Chemical Engineering

Taylor Baum

Taylor Baum ’19
2017-2018 Goldwater Scholarship, Astronaut Scholarship
Majors in Biology, Electrical Engineering