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New volume of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad


Happy International Education Week! The new volume, featuring the latest research on study abroad, is now available online.

Featured Articles: Instructor Influence on Student Intercultural Gains and Learning during Instructor-Led, Short-Term Study Abroad Christine L. Anderson, Karl Lorenz, Michael White The Long Arm of the Digital Tether: Communication with Home during Study Abroad Barbara K. Hofer, Stacey Woody Hebodo, Kristen Meredith, Zoe Kaslow, Alexandra Saunders Case Study of Rip Current Knowledge amongst Students Participating in a Study Abroad Program Chris Houser, Robert Brander, Christian Brannstrom, Sarah Trimble, Jane Flaherty Unique Opportunities: Influence of study abroad on Black students Jasmine Lee & Qiana Green Self-Authoring the Meaning of Student Teaching in China: Impacts on First-Year Teaching Practices Hillary Parkhouse, Alison McGlinn Turner, Stephanie Konle, and Xue Lan Rong

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