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Dr. Ting earned her PhD in Psychology and Language Science from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016. While she conducted her doctoral research on bilingualism and the relationship between syntactic processing in language and music, she developed a deep understanding of fellowship and grant applications and a passion for working with undergraduates. Dr. Ting is enthusiastic about helping undergraduates discover and pursue fellowship opportunities that nurture their personal and professional interests.

Dr. Ting is available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Colleen is a PhD candidate in Adult Education and Comparative & International Education with a Graduate Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She received her Master's Degree in Rural Sociology, and her undergrad degree is in Environmental Studies. Prior to starting graduate school, she was a community organizer in Central Appalachia. Her research interests focus on education and learning that happens in social movements for sustainability and social justice.

Colleen is available Wednesday and Thursday.

Becky is a PhD Candidate in Biochemistry, Molecular, and Microbiology (BMB). Her research interests are in amino acid networks in metabolic enzymes. As an undergraduate, she was an NSF REU summer research student at Syracuse University. She has taught upper-level lab courses in the BMB department.

Becky is available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Ryan is a PhD Candidate in the Cognitive Area of the Psychology Department. His research interests include visual attention and visual working memory, and utilizes behavioral, neuroscientific, and machine learning techniques to answer his research questions. Ryan received a B.S. in Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where he participated in undergraduate research. He also has experience applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Ryan is available Thursday and Friday.

Tara joined the office in June 2019 and she is quickly learning the application procedures, eligiblity criteria, and deadlines of the many opportunities supported by the office. If you have any questions about an opportunity, run into problems when scheduling an appointment, or want to request that an advisor come present to your organization, Tara can help you. 

Tara is available Monday through Friday. 

Phone: 814-863-8199

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