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Boyce Thompson Institute Summer Internships

Undergraduate and high school summer internships at Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) provide an excellent opportunity to gain research experience and explore if a scientific career is right for you. Located on Cornell University's campus, we offer positions to outstanding students interested in plant genome research and bioinformatics. PGRP Undergraduate Internships are funded by the National Science Foundation, and applications are accepted annually starting in November. Accepted students join an international community of scientists and students in the pursuit of scientific discovery, learn valuable research skills, and attend seminars and workshops to learn from leaders in these fields. 

Application Deadlines: February

Current Status: 
First-Year Student, Sophomore, Junior
Duration of Award: 
Underrepresented Groups, Research
Direct Submission
Fields of Study: 
Agricultural Sciences, STEM
Semester of Application Deadline: 
Spring (January – April)

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