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Information session on Boren Awards scheduled for Nov. 5

We're excited to have Kyle Cox for the Institute for International Education join us for an info session on Boren on Monday, November 5th at 5:30 p.m. in 232 Katz Building. Students also can attend remotely through Zoom. You can read more about the session on Penn State News.

Students find value in fellowships process

A great article about how going through the process of applying for fellowships can have benefits, even if you don't receive the fellowship.

Penn State student wins Astronaut Scholarship

Congratulations to Taylor Baum for being named a recipient of the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship. You can read all about Taylor and her award on Penn State News.

Boren Fellowship Recipient

The University Fellowships Office is proud to announce that Heidi Foon has been awarded a Boren Fellowship. You can read more about the award and Heidi's accomplishment on Penn State News.

Eleven Penn State Students Receive Fulbright Grants

Congratulations to the eleven Penn State students who received Fulbright Grants this year. You can read all about it on Penn State News.


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