University Fellowships Mark



Molly Ariotti

Molly Ariotti ’18
2016-2017 Boren Fellowship to Senegal
Ph.D. in Political Science

Sylvia Biscoveanu

Sylvia Biscoveanu ’17
2016-2017 Goldwater Scholarship
Majors in Physics, Spanish

Scout Cheeks

Scout Cheeks ’18
2016-2017 Boren Scholarship to Brazil
Majors in International Politics, Criminology

Jacob Cordell

Jacob Cordell ’17
2016-2017 Astronaut Scholarship
Majors in Material Sciences and Engineering, German

Claire Kelling

Claire Kelling ’21
2016-2017 Rhodes Scholarship (Regional Finalist)
Dual-title Ph.D. in Statistics and Social Data Analytics

Janet Purdy

Janet Purdy ’20
2016-2017 Critical Language Scholarship to Tanzania
Ph.D. in Art History

David Stack

David Stack ’16
2016-2017 Carnegie Endowment, 2016-2017 Critical Language Scholarship to China
Majors in Economics, International Politics, Chinese

Adam Uliana

Adam Uliana ’17
2016-2017 Cargill Scholarship, 2016-2017 Udall Scholarship
Major in Chemical Engineering

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